Our Mission

Sustain our community strengths and to create and share better ways to live as neighbors – towards a way of living that welcomes diversity and fosters social connection, affordable living, environmental stewardship, and a smaller ecological footprint.

Contributing to this mission are the following values:

•  We participate in the urban advantages of living in Burlington – cultural, pedestrian, biking, shared car trips, public transit.

•  We support commitment, innovation and personal courage.

•  We aim to make a positive difference in the lives of all.

•  We encourage the development of leadership and group facilitation skills.

•  We promote involvement with the larger community.

•  We practice self-governance with a modified consensus decision-making process.

•  We provide regular common meals which include food grown from our own lands.

•  We gather frequently for mutual appreciation and celebrations.

•  We are committed to non-violent communication and conflict resolution.