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Units for Sale or Rent

There are no units for sale or rent.

Notification List:  When there are new listings, we send the news to all potential buyers or renters on our Notification List. If you are not yet on this list, but would like to be on it, sign up for the notification list on the home page.

Financial Assistance:  If you can’t quite afford to buy a house —-  please note that we have several units that can only by purchased after being qualified by the Champlain Housing Trust (CHT).  A buyer who can show enough financial resources to pay a low interest mortgage, but not enough to buy a standard “market-rate” house is given a grant to offset a portion of the down payment. To learn more, please go to CHT’s website and navigate through their links about buying a home:

If you are at average or just below average income, our advice is to to go directly (ASAP)  to CHT’s website and go through their process to discover if you qualify to buy a home with their assistance. It is possible that another unit here will go on the market and you, having been qualified in advance by CHT could jump on it.

Please be aware that these homes are part of the co-housing community. This means that each owner has expenses and work responsibilities that are shared by all of us.