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We are eager to welcome visitors to Burlington Cohousing!  To do this in a way that is both efficient and fun, on Saturday, February 24th, we will offer the first of what we hope will become a periodic series of open houses.

Here’s our plan for the February 24th Open House:

4:00: Welcome and introductions.

4:30: Tour and information sharing about Burlington Cohousing.  (The tour will give visitors a chance to check out the indoor and outdoor public spaces in our community as well as an opportunity to visit the units of several residents.)

6:00: A potluck dinner in our Common Dining Room.  (We’ve found our potlucks to be delicious and enjoyable events, and they will give visitors excellent opportunities to chat with folks who live here.)

7:00: A fun film or games or continuing discussion in our Common Living Room.

While there’s no requirement for visitors to bring food to the potluck (though you’re welcome to do that), it would be helpful for us to know who’s coming and how many folks will be with you.  So we’d appreciate it if you could let us know you’d like to come and, briefly, how you discovered Burlington Cohousing and about your interest in a cohousing community.   

If you plan to attend, please let us know by sending us an email:


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Other folks coming with me:

How I heard about Burlington Cohousing:

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