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Please join us for our next Open House and Tour on Sunday, April 29th – National Co-housing Day! The Festivities will start at 4:00pm and include guided tours of our common spaces and several units, a potluck dinner, and a chance to participate in (or listen to and enjoy) a Moth Hour style event involving 5-minute stories with a “Together” theme.   And of course there’ll be plenty of opportunities to chat with folks who live here. 

Please let us know you’re coming to the open house by sending us an email




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How you heard about Burlington Co-housing

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If you can’t make it to the Open House, you might want to come to one of our common meals – they are generally scheduled at 6 PM on every even-numbered weeknight.  Coming to a meal would provide an opportunity to chat about co-housing with some of the folks who live here.  The meals cost $4.50 for adults and $2.25 for kids.  They always include a vegetarian option, and more often than not something to tempt omnivores.  If you’d like to come to a dinner please email us at least a week before the evening you’d like to come.  Then we’ll get back to you to confirm that there is a dinner that evening and that you are signed up for it.